Cutest puppy portrait

Hello! Thank you in advance for checking out my first blog post on the fresh website for Studio Q Photography located in Boulder, CO (Take a look! I figured it would be fun to start out by blogging about something adorable like a cute puppy photo shoot which is rare occasion for a commercial photographer who specializes in business related photography.

So the story develops... Good friends of mine recently adopted a yellow lab puppy shortly after their furry companion of many years passed from illness. Yeah, I know, but it gets better. Over the first weekend of 2016 I get a surprise visit from them to meet the new family member. After about 10 seconds, I couldn't help but to set up the studio and see what kind of cuteness would develop.

In great beer style tradition, the little guy is named Pilsner (after all his dad was a black lab named Porter), was almost 10 weeks old and already a great model in the studio. In a quick 20 minutes and a bag full of yummy treats, I was able to create some of the cutest puppy portraits, see my favorites below!