Studio Q Photography offers full service custom image production to Business, Editorial & Retail clients. 

Due to the fact that every photo shoot is different and requires unique preparation, production strategy and post production - it's best to contact Mark for an quote specific to your project's needs. Estimates are developed on a project by project basis. Photography Service Contracts are required for all commercial & editorial client assignments.

Photography fees are based on several factors such as:                              

  • Type of Photography                                                                              
  • Usage of the images                                                                                
  • Time involved                                                                                           
  • Level of difficulty                                                                                      
  • Specific needs of the project                                                                

Typical costs per image starting at: *

Custom Portrait                $200

Architecture & Design     $240

Business Promotion          $225 

 Product & Still Life           $175  

*project expenses & taxes apply



about License Fees & the scope of usage rights


Professional photography has three main types of use; Commercial, Editorial, and Retail. Commercial refers to photography that is used to sell or promote a product, service, or idea. Editorial refers to photography used for educational or journalistic purposes. Retail refers to photography commissioned or purchased for personal use. 

Only pay for the usage rights you need - Online-Only or Print-Publication

Custom photo production pricing (cost of creating your images) typically includes UNLIMITED ONLINE USAGE with digital images delivered in web resolution JPEG or GIF files. Should you require High Resolution images for any printing applications or for publication purposes, you will need to purchase a publication license in addition to the production price. However, we scale the publication license cost to only what you need! 

The following PUBLICATION LICENSES are available from Studio Q Photography:

  • UNLIMITED RIGHTS: Reproduction and use of imagery is NOT limited by: (a) TIME , (b) TERRITORY , and non-transferable unlimited rights for business promotional/marketing use is granted to the original client-purchaser only.
  • LIMITED RIGHTS: Use of imagery is specifically limited by: (a) TIME, (b) TERRITORY, (c) CAMPAIGN /PROMOTION and/or CLIENT. Applicable limits are clearly stated on the invoice.
  • EDITORIAL RIGHTS: Imagery may be used ONE time in a single publication based on either National or Regional circulation.
  • PERSONAL USE: Imagery may be used ONLY for personal records, albums, home-display and/or archives.

Any entity publishing Mark Quentin / Studio Q Photography LLC images without a valid image license, and without including a photo-credit / copyright will incur additional fees and expenses. Usage Rights are granted and transferred to the original client/purchaser only, as listed on the invoice, and are not transferable to any third party without prior written permission.

Usage rights

All imagery created by Mark Quentin / Studio Q Photography LLC is protected by U.S. Copyright Law and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from the photographer. Mark Quentin / Studio Q Photography produces original photographic imagery specifically for its clients. Studio Q Photography retains all original film and raw digital image capture files, while releasing prints and/or modified digital files to its clients.

Specific, non-transferable usage rights are granted to the original purchaser of the imagery. Copyright ownership for all imagery is retained by Mark Quentin / Studio Q Photography LLC. The rights to use imagery by making reproductions in the form of original prints, digital files, film, or video are granted to the original client/purchaser through the Usage Rights License contained on the respective invoice(s). Usage rights are only granted upon payment in full. Photo credit “ © Mark Quentin / ” is required on ALL EDITORIAL USAGE and one complimentary copy of all published materials is requested.

Cancellation Policy

  • 24-48 hours before:  50% of production fee
  •  Less than 24 hours before:  75% of production fee