Since nobody likes surprises, please review the information below which summarizes commissions of professional photographic services


Studio Q Photography offers full service custom image production to Business, Editorial & Retail clients. 

Due to the fact that every photo shoot is different and requires unique preparation, production strategy and post production - it's best to contact Mark for an quote specific to your project's needs. Estimates are developed on a project by project basis. Photography Service Contracts are provided for all commercial business commissions & editorial assignments.

Photography fees are based on several factors such as:                              

  • Type of Photography

  • Usage of the images

  • Time involved

  • Level of difficulty

  • Specific needs of the project

Typical costs per image starting at: *

Custom Portrait                $200

Architecture & Design     $240

Business Promotion          $225 

 Product & Still Life           $175  

*project expenses & taxes apply

Trustworthy business practices

Working with Studio Q Photography is easy, safe and professional with B2B Service Contracts on high value projects, mishap protection from a maintained Business insurance General Liability policy, and Tax ID (W-9) forms provided for no-hassle bookkeeping.


Understanding how photography professionals price their service will help when commissioning unique images for your business

How Photography gets priced

Business & Media photography have two cost parameters which make up an image commission, the creative fee (labor & equipment costs) and the license fee (usage rights which describe how & where images are utilized).
• The Creative fee reflects the work involved and gear necessary to create custom business images [pre-production (preparation, planning, scouting, personnel), production (photoshoot) and post-production (Image processing, preview & delivery)]. The type of photography required, the quantity of images needed along with level of difficulty for lighting & styling, plus any special project requirements will determine the creative fee.
• The license fee reflects a commercial photographs’ brand-promotional value based on how broadly it is used; ie. a photo appearing in a local newspaper (seen by 25 thousand readers) is not as valuable as a photo appearing in the Wall Street Journal® (seen by 2.5 million readers). How and where images are used to promote your business therefore determines part of the final cost involved in commissioning professional photography. It’s because of this scaleable pricing parameter that you just pay fair market value for what you actually use and don’t pay for usage rights you don’t need!

“Only pay for the usage rights you need ~ from Online Only to Print-Publication-Packaging, or a combination of both!

When commissioning custom photography for Websites, eCommerce platforms and Social Media marketing strategies- the most common image license requested is UNLIMITED ONLINE USAGE where mastered digital images are delivered in web resolution JPEG or GIF files. Should you need high resolution images for applications such as publication of marketing materials, print advertising campaigns or promotional display advertising- you will get a publication license to either fit your intended specific usage (budget friendly) or the more popular and comprehensive MULTI-USE FLEXIBLE LICENSE Packs for multiple placements with added value.


about image Licenses & the scope of usage


Professional photography has three categories of image use; Commercial, Editorial, and Retail. Commercial refers to photography that is used to sell or promote a product, service, or idea. All business enterprise photographic service is considered to be Commercial usage. Editorial refers to photography used for educational or journalistic purposes. Retail refers to photography commissioned or purchased for personal use only. Here at we provide all three types of professional photographic service.

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Choosing usage rights

The following license types are available from Studio Q Photography:

  • UNLIMITED RIGHTS: Reproduction and use of imagery is NOT limited by: (a) TIME , (b) TERRITORY , and non-transferable unlimited rights for business promotional/marketing use is granted to the original client-purchaser only.

  • LIMITED RIGHTS: Use of imagery is specifically limited by: (a) TIME, (b) TERRITORY, (c) CAMPAIGN /PROMOTION and/or CLIENT. Applicable limits are clearly stated on the invoice.

  • EDITORIAL RIGHTS: Imagery may be used ONE time in a single publication based on either National or Regional circulation.

  • PERSONAL USE: Imagery may be used ONLY for personal records, albums, home-display and/or archives.

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Mark Quentin of produces original photographic imagery specifically for its clients and retains all initial digital image files, while releasing prints and/or modified digital files to its clients. Copyright ownership and licensing rights for all imagery is retained by Mark Quentin / Studio Q Photography LLC , which are protected by U.S. Copyright Law and may not be reproduced in any form without usage rights granted by an image license from the photographer.

Specific usage rights are granted only to the original purchaser of the imagery as listed on the corresponding invoice-image license, and are non-transferable to any second party without prior written permission. Any additional usage beyond that described on the corresponding invoice-image license, including but not limited to Editorial or Specialty Advertising use, may be arranged but must be negotiated prior to reproduction. All usage rights are granted only upon receipt of payment in full.

Any entity displaying or publishing images by Mark Quentin / Studio Q Photography without a valid image license will be subject to penalties and legal liabilities under U.S. Copyright Laws. Furthermore, any display without including this “ © Mark Quentin / ” photo-credit / copyright will incur additional fees and expenses.  Any additional party interested in using copyrighted images must purchase their own unique image license. Please contact the photographer directly to arrange usage rights for your needs.

Cancellation Policy

  • 24-48 hours before: 50% of production fee

  • Less than 24 hours before: 75% of production fee