#StudioQPhotography image gets chosen for two magazine covers!

Another magazine chooses a StudioQphoto.com design photography project for the cover and feature story. Take a look!

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Residential Architectural Exterior Photography

What do you do when photographing a home exterior and mother nature only provides dark gray cloudy skies? 

A design-build client of mine wanted a good exterior cover image of a recently completed remodel project to go along with all the fabulous interior portfolio photos. Thereby completing the visual story of the project for their company's website and social media marketing. The project was a mountain home remotely located and we only had one day for photo production with rain in the forecast, uh-oh!

Arriving early in the morning to photograph the east facing exterior, I setup the perfect camera angle so show the best look for the rustic barn styled log home. The client wanted the remodel project's updates featured in the cover image, such as the new large picture and the unique blackout of the roof soffit along with the fresh exterior finish color. Just one problem, the skies were overcast and dark- not the best look for a residential exterior.


The best solution was to capture the image with the dark gray sky and replace it with a nice blue sky in post production. A major client benefit to in-house image processing at StudioQphoto.com is the ability to make corrections like these.

Hand-crafted image retouching of a architectural photos like this begins with careful selection of the sky using digital tools such as Photoshop® and then replacing the selection with beautiful skies from images in StudioQphoto.com's library of source files. Below is the final image delivered to a happy client!

Rustic Mountain Home Remodel Exterior. Photography by Mark Quentin/StudioQphoto.com

Rustic Mountain Home Remodel Exterior. Photography by Mark Quentin/StudioQphoto.com

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Find more information about professional photography solutions for architecture and interior design here. Mark Quentin specializes in architectural assignments in the Boulder/Denver Colorado area. See more here!

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Commercial Architectural Dusk Photography: Mile High United Way Headquarters

Challenging assignments like this one help you grow as a professional photographer.

A commercial building contractor client of mine wanted a beautiful twilight architectural exterior image of a recently completed project for their company's website and marketing. The project was Denver's brand new Mile High United Way building and I was excited to do the project!

Pre-production began upon arrival to the site to scout the location, I immediately realized this was not going to be your run-of-the-mill assignment. This awesome new building spanned the face of an entire city block on a very busy city street, and being surrounded by both buildings and visual obstacles, I knew this was going to be a tough shoot. After documenting the various possible angles with scouting photography, I now had to figure out how I was going to create a stunning image from all this visual chaos.

After testing a few angle options to determine the best visual story, I settled on the most desirable view showing the whole structure - but that was diagonally across a busy intersection...


Photo production date was set and arrangements were made for the building's interior lighting to be illuminated after hours. Arriving a couple of hours before sunset, I set up the camera with live-capture image proofing in just the right location surrounded by safety cones and was ready. Then patience and careful shutter timing became paramount to getting shots clear of traffic and pedestrians as the sun set and the magic of the fading ambient light played out. After capturing & recording all the phases of light during the twilight transition, I had enough pixel data to craft a stunning architectural dusk image in post-production. 

Hand-crafted digital image artistry of a architectural dusk photography begins by processing many selected frames for correct color, exposure and proper architectural lines. Then gradually masking & layering the best element of each frame into a vivid composite image produces a brilliant voluminous lighting effect and really illustrates that special look of magical twilight.

After the composite image was constructed, the skilled retouch begins. Requiring meticulous detail work at the pixel level, I was able to remove both traffic light signals, street lights, and pedestrians. The final touch was to add back some automobile light trails to the final image to provide a sense of the urban environment where the subject building is located. Below is the final image delivered to a happy client!

Mile High United Way Headquarters, Denver.  Photography by Mark Quentin/StudioQphoto.com

Mile High United Way Headquarters, Denver.  Photography by Mark Quentin/StudioQphoto.com

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Find more information about professional photography solutions for architecture and interior design here. Mark Quentin specializes in architectural assignments in the Boulder/Denver Colorado area. See more here!

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Design-Build Collaboration featuring cost share Photography

Share the portfolio images and share the costs ...what a great idea!

 I pondered the best way for my business to truly be apart of the Colorado #DesignBuild industry featuring both residential and commercial architecture, interior design, construction craftsmanship and landscape designThe concept is to create more imagery than most individual budgets allow and then license the images to several of the project partners who share the costs for the additional production fees. By offering up to three party* usage rights to clients who commission Design Portfolio image production, everyone gets more high quality images for less cost. Introducing the Multi-Party Assignment Cost Share Program now available! Get more info here.

The purpose of #DesignPortfolio Photography is to showcase your project in its best possible way. With the advent of Digital Photography and Photoshop, photos can match what our eyes see. The real concepts of comfort, luxury, and class can be accurately expressed in the images of your project work. Details can be captured to give your perspective clients an idea of your skills, experience, and quality. Mark Quentin at Studio Q Photography is determined to create top quality visual content for Architects, Interior Designers, Design-Build firms and contractors as well as for Editorial Publications, Design and Construction Award Submissions, and your Brand Advertising & Marketing Communications. Clients will be able to see your work as if they were really there, with all of the detail you intended.

Connect now to build an image library that showcases your brand quality, design skills and build excellence! #MarketingPhotography #Architecture-InteriorDesignPhotographer

* Need to include additional project partners beyond the three principles? No problem, just upgrade your image license with additional party usage rights for a percentage of production fees.

Commercial Architectural Dusk Photography

As I learned about the complexities of lighting for architectural photography, I began to appreciate the magical results of dusk imagery.  Shooting after the sun has set, when you can utilize the fading ambient light to create eye-catching portfolio photos, it takes images to another level.

Photographing commercial buildings at twilight presents many challenges from coordinating the subject's interior lighting and staging to adding supplemental flashes in just the right places- all while getting the precise timing for the perfect exposure. Yes, it's a juggling act which requires skill and experience, but you gotta have the "Wow"!

Add high quality dusk photos to your marketing portfolio today!

Consumer Reports Magazine publishes Studio Q Photography

Look for this year's Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide hitting news stands nation wide this week which features a full page image crafted by Mark Quentin at Studio Q Photography.  This beautiful kitchen is located in Boulder, Colorado and was designed and constructed by the top notch firm Melton Design Build also based in Boulder.

Photographing great architectural design has been a passionate focus of my commercial photography business for many years. I thrive while solving the unique challenges of each subject space - from choosing the best camera angle that tells it's story, then crafting the best possible photographic lighting, to completion by artistically rendering the final image during post production. Producing magazine quality images requires experience, persistence and technical precision. Contact Mark at StudioQphoto.com to craft your essential images!

Top 5 tips when preparing for your business Head Shot

1.  Be prepared and get a good nights sleep!

Be well rested for your portrait so you can arrive fresh & in a good mood. Great portraits show you at your best, jovial self. Knowing you have prepared well will make you more confident during your portrait session which translates to a better portrait and ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

2.  Practice your smiles

Take a few minutes in front of a mirror prior to your photo shoot to discover your favorite expression. Each of us have unique facial features which change our look as we change our smile. Does your biggest grin cause your eyes to narrow into a squint? Then perhaps a medium smile is best. Projecting confidence and approachability tends to work best for a business portrait.

Business Portrait Classic style Muslin Background

Business Portrait Classic style Muslin Background

3. Choose the right clothing

Think classic! Wear your favorite business attire that fits you well and is appropriate to the audience & environment in which your business portrait will be used. Generally it’s best to choose solid dark & mid-range colors which contrasts nicely with your skin tone. Avoid especially busy patterns that may draw too much attention or be distracting. Remember freshly pressed clothing is important as professional cameras capture high definition images which reveal micro details in your attire (like pet hair for example). If possible, bring a few clothing & accessory options to your session to have a variety of “look” combinations.

4. Attention to Personal Grooming

Plan to be very well groomed for your portrait session, as with clothing artifacts, the camera will capture skin & hair details in high definition. Beware of frizzy hair, untrimmed eyebrows and facial hair. Ideally you should schedule haircuts one week prior to your photo session. Remember to bring hair brush, make-up, and anything else you may need for on-set touch ups/clean ups.

5. Relax!

Most everyone is uncomfortable in front of a camera, but the best portraits are natural relaxed and confident expressions. Mindset matters, so have fun with it!