Design-Build Collaboration featuring cost share Photography

Share the portfolio images and share the costs ...what a great idea!

 I pondered the best way for my business to truly be apart of the Colorado #DesignBuild industry featuring both residential and commercial architecture, interior design, construction craftsmanship and landscape designThe concept is to create more imagery than most individual budgets allow and then license the images to several of the project partners who share the costs for the additional production fees. By offering up to three party* usage rights to clients who commission Design Portfolio image production, everyone gets more high quality images for less cost. Introducing the Multi-Party Assignment Cost Share Program now available! Get more info here.

The purpose of #DesignPortfolio Photography is to showcase your project in its best possible way. With the advent of Digital Photography and Photoshop, photos can match what our eyes see. The real concepts of comfort, luxury, and class can be accurately expressed in the images of your project work. Details can be captured to give your perspective clients an idea of your skills, experience, and quality. Mark Quentin at Studio Q Photography is determined to create top quality visual content for Architects, Interior Designers, Design-Build firms and contractors as well as for Editorial Publications, Design and Construction Award Submissions, and your Brand Advertising & Marketing Communications. Clients will be able to see your work as if they were really there, with all of the detail you intended.

Connect now to build an image library that showcases your brand quality, design skills and build excellence! #MarketingPhotography #Architecture-InteriorDesignPhotographer

* Need to include additional project partners beyond the three principles? No problem, just upgrade your image license with additional party usage rights for a percentage of production fees.

Consumer Reports Magazine publishes Studio Q Photography

Look for this year's Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide hitting news stands nation wide this week which features a full page image crafted by Mark Quentin at Studio Q Photography.  This beautiful kitchen is located in Boulder, Colorado and was designed and constructed by the top notch firm Melton Design Build also based in Boulder.

Photographing great architectural design has been a passionate focus of my commercial photography business for many years. I thrive while solving the unique challenges of each subject space - from choosing the best camera angle that tells it's story, then crafting the best possible photographic lighting, to completion by artistically rendering the final image during post production. Producing magazine quality images requires experience, persistence and technical precision. Contact Mark at to craft your essential images!