Consumer Reports Magazine publishes Studio Q Photography

Look for this year's Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide hitting news stands nation wide this week which features a full page image crafted by Mark Quentin at Studio Q Photography.  This beautiful kitchen is located in Boulder, Colorado and was designed and constructed by the top notch firm Melton Design Build also based in Boulder.

Photographing great architectural design has been a passionate focus of my commercial photography business for many years. I thrive while solving the unique challenges of each subject space - from choosing the best camera angle that tells it's story, then crafting the best possible photographic lighting, to completion by artistically rendering the final image during post production. Producing magazine quality images requires experience, persistence and technical precision. Contact Mark at to craft your essential images!

Top 5 tips when preparing for your business Head Shot

1.  Be prepared and get a good nights sleep!

Be well rested for your portrait so you can arrive fresh & in a good mood. Great portraits show you at your best, jovial self. Knowing you have prepared well will make you more confident during your portrait session which translates to a better portrait and ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

2.  Practice your smiles

Take a few minutes in front of a mirror prior to your photo shoot to discover your favorite expression. Each of us have unique facial features which change our look as we change our smile. Does your biggest grin cause your eyes to narrow into a squint? Then perhaps a medium smile is best. Projecting confidence and approachability tends to work best for a business portrait.

Business Portrait Classic style Muslin Background

Business Portrait Classic style Muslin Background

3. Choose the right clothing

Think classic! Wear your favorite business attire that fits you well and is appropriate to the audience & environment in which your business portrait will be used. Generally it’s best to choose solid dark & mid-range colors which contrasts nicely with your skin tone. Avoid especially busy patterns that may draw too much attention or be distracting. Remember freshly pressed clothing is important as professional cameras capture high definition images which reveal micro details in your attire (like pet hair for example). If possible, bring a few clothing & accessory options to your session to have a variety of “look” combinations.

4. Attention to Personal Grooming

Plan to be very well groomed for your portrait session, as with clothing artifacts, the camera will capture skin & hair details in high definition. Beware of frizzy hair, untrimmed eyebrows and facial hair. Ideally you should schedule haircuts one week prior to your photo session. Remember to bring hair brush, make-up, and anything else you may need for on-set touch ups/clean ups.

5. Relax!

Most everyone is uncomfortable in front of a camera, but the best portraits are natural relaxed and confident expressions. Mindset matters, so have fun with it!